We run year-round tournaments, leagues and skills training events for youth teams in grades 2nd through 12th. Additionally, we offer basketball camps, clinics and private lessons.

Youth Tournaments

Our grade-based Tournaments take place year round and are open to all girls’ and boys’ teams, 2nd through 12th grade. Every event is sanctioned by National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA), providing participating member teams with injury insurance coverage and opportunities to play in NTBA’s annual Championships hosted in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Youth Leagues

Our year-round Elementary and Middle School (EMS) Leagues take place during the week, “after-school” for all girls’ and boys’ teams, 2nd through 8th grade. Our year-round High School Leagues occur either on weekends or weekdays. Teams play a minimum of 6 games, to include two or more Tournament Playoff games.

Camps & Clinics

ACA runs or hosts ongoing Camps, Clinics and Combines for youths in grades 2nd through 12th. Experienced coaches and trainers lead youths through a variety of fundamental offensive, defensive and team drills tailored to the skill level of each participant. Our staff provides private lessons on an appointment basis.

ACA Basketball Club offers a holistic basketball growth experience, empowering each player to train, learn and develop as a member of a Team. We accept memberships from individual players and full teams for weekly skills training, team practice and participation in leagues and tournaments. We strive to expand skill set, enhance basketball IQ, and compete at the appropriate level. Our girls’ and boys’ Teams are mostly 1st Grade through 8th Grade. ACA can provide the right Team situation for your son or daughter.

This program is the total package, offering skills training, individual and team membership, plus practice, strength/conditioning and league/tournament play. Call Club Director Michael Daniel @ (210) 845-8061