We run year-round tournaments, leagues and skills training events for youth teams in grades 3rd through 12th. Additionally, we offer basketball camps, clinics and private lessons.

Youth Tournaments

Our grade-based Tournaments take place year round and are open to all girls' and boys' teams, 3rd through 12th grade. Every event is sanctioned by National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA), providing participating member teams with injury insurance coverage and opportunities to play in NTBA's annual Championships hosted in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Youth Leagues

Our year-round Elementary and Middle School (EMS) Leagues take place during the week, "after-school" for all girls' and boys' teams, 3rd through 8th grade. Our year-round High School Leagues occur either on weekends or weekdays. Teams play a minimum of 6 games, to include two or more Tournament Playoff games.

Camps & Clinics

ACA runs or hosts ongoing Camps, Clinics and Combines for youths in grades 2nd through 12th. Experienced coaches and trainers lead youths through a variety of fundamental offensive, defensive and team drills tailored to the skill level of each participant. Our staff provides private lessons on an appointment basis.

Hoops Academy

ACA Hoops Academy is an in-depth basketball learning experience for any player who seeks to improve his/her skills and become a member of one of our beginner or competitive-level Club teams. Our curriculum offers the rare opportunity to expand skill set, enhance basketball IQ, and compete at the highest level. Whether or not you’re an experienced player, ACA can take you to the next stage of your development, guiding you through specific challenges and ultimately helping you become better. ACA Hoops Academy runs year-round with Certified Master Trainers and Coaches.

This program offers everything you need as a player and parent under one roof: skills training, team membership & practice time, strength/conditioning and league/tournament play. Call Coach Dunkley, Program Director, (210) 771-6707

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Executive Team

Training & Development


We focus on the preparation and approach to the game of basketball and how to go about achieving individual and team goals. We work with players to establish an understanding for the game and the position being played.


Every player and coach is different…and we embrace that. Our first initiative is to provide fundamental skill development and assign the player to the right Team within the Hoops Academy. Once we set a solid foundation for the particulars, we transition our focus to providing the necessary guidance and mentorship to enhance strengths while refining weaknesses. Ultimately, our goal is to give our students practical ways to “game” train at the highest level.


Being a complete player involves maintaining the ability to perform at the highest level… the only way to achieve this is to be in peak physical condition. We work with a variety of strength and conditioning coaches to create unique training platforms to expand physical capabilities while strengthening skill set.

General Program

Standard Code of Behavior

Must be in good standing with parents and in schoo. Team first, me second. Be prepared. Work Smart.


1.5 horus twice per week - pick your two days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday. Includes Skill development, Strength & Conditioning, Basketball I.Q, and Team Concepts.

Code of Conduct

Players are expected to hold themselves to a high standard. Quality not quantity.

Tournament/League Play

Includes ACA Leagues, Select Local Tournaments, and Regional Invitationals

Program Schedule

Individual Training

Is ongoing throughout the Hoops Academy. Individual training is year-round and includes strength &amp; Conditioning, skill development, and basketball IQ enhancement.

League Play

Is ongoing throughout the Hoops Academy. League play is year-round for all teams deemed ready for collective competition. Includes strength &amp; conditioning, skill development, team practice, playbook execution, and 6 to 7 games per League.

Tournament Play

Is ongoing throughout the Hoops Academy. Tournament play is year-round for all teams deemed ready for collective competition. Includes strength &amp; conditioning, skill development, team practice, playbook execution, and 3 to 4 games per Tournament.

End of Year Celebration!


Ball Handling

  • Right hand dribble
  • Left hand dribble
  • Retreat dribble
  • Crossover dribble
  • Between the legs
  • Behind the back


  • Progression Steps
  • Release
  • Eyes
  • Seams
  • Fingers
  • The Ready
  • Catch
  • Follow through


  • Defensive Stance
  • Footwork
  • Hand/Palms
  • Angles
  • Eyes
  • Turn player
  • Press position
  • Man position


  • Two hand - left and right
  • Chest - left and right hand
  • Overhead - left and right hand
  • Bounce pass - two hand, left and right hand

Ball Handling

  • Crossover dribble
  • Between legs dribble
  • Behind back dribble
  • In and out dribble
  • Hesitation dribble
  • Attack dribble
  • Trouble dribble


  • Catch and shoot
  • Back board
  • Mid-range
  • 3 ball


  • Stance
  • Press position
  • Man position
  • Zone position


  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Put backs
  • Outlets


  • Off dribble (both hands)
  • Overhead
  • 1, 2 hand bounce

Ball Handling

  • Head up dribble
  • Dribble pass
  • Off-hand only
  • Trouble moves


  • Off dribble shot
  • Off screen shot
  • Jab step shot
  • Step back shot


  • Box step back
  • Teammate box out
  • Box, turn, outlet
  • Free throw box out


  • Off dribble (both hands)
  • Overhead
  • Side bounce pass


  • Pick and Roll
  • Double team trap
  • Posture/energy
  • Zone vs Man


  • V,L, I,
  • Pick cut


$25 Registration Fee

One-Time, Per–player, Non–refundable, Includes uniform.

$85 Standard Monthly Fee
$165 = Gold
$195 = Platinum

Pay 1st day of every month.
Standard=1 night/week.
Gold=2 nights/week.
Platinum=Gold plus Vertimax training

$25 to $30 per event League Fee

League Play *Due 1 week prior to League start date

$15 to $20 per event Tournament Fee

Tournament Play *Due 1 week prior to Tournament start date

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